HF - 120 SOLAR TRACKER Solar Single axis Tracker

Robust Mechanical and Structure Design and Specially Designed Rotating Mechanism

ARS SolarTech’s efficient structural design uses less steel than conventional trackers, with fewer parts and quicker installation. Most efficient friction less bearings requires no maintenance and lubrication. solar tracker solar single axis tracker Pune Mumbai

Independent Row Tracker System With Smart Performance and Wireless Communication

Self-contained units on each row include a dedicated PV panel to provide power to the controller which  drives the motor and hosts intelligent  control electronics to position each tracker row for maximum yield.


Each HF_120 row has its own controlled motor and a wide rotational range that gives higher yields over other Trackers

Number of modules per row - 60, 80,90 in a Row 


Technical specification

Tracking Type & Range

Horizontal single axis tracking with Tilt range of 110 degrees +

Horizontal single axis North-South alignment and East-West tracking with backtracking and indpendent rows

Backtracking and Stow mode

Backtracking and Stow mode for night and high wind loads 

Tracking control system

One slew drive gear, 24 VDC motor with controller and battery dedicated solar panel per row

Control system controlled by astrnomical clock; self-configuring; no sensor required


Galvanised steel, HDG hinges  stainless steel and HDG fasteners 

Maximum Site Slope land undulation

15% (8 degrees) North-South; Unlimited East-West

With less steel, no drive shafts, extra cabling, or welding required,easy installation. 

Rows Per 1 MW

35 Rows Of 92 modules (Pv panels of 325 Wp considered ) solar single axis tracker solar tracker

Foundation type : Pile driven/ ramming / RCC pedestal 

Material : hot-dip galvanized steel, GPSP

Wind Speed: Up to 200 Kmph  

Wind Testing: wind flow on Autodesk Flow design/stadd pro   
Material Specs Pre Galvanised MS (250 GSM)

                        Post Galvanized MS (80-120 μ)

                        Yield Strength = 250 - 540 MPa


Individual Row Tracking

Individual Row Tracker 25 - 30kWp per tracker row, depending on panel type. Row length up to 92 panels.

Efficient backtracking

During the first or the last hours of the day, where the sun is close to the horizon, the Plant Controller continuously adjusts the slope of the modules as to prevent the Tables from casting shadows to each other.

Possible Foundations:

Rammed pole, Concrete pile

Direct mounting on structures

Less Foundations Per MW

25% Reduction as compared to conventional Row Tracker 250 foundations/mW

Ease of installation

less and Modular Structural Part make it easy to install, Single input & output   controller makes it Plug and Play system 

Module adaptability

Design to install any module size, bifacial modules can be installed on same system, Tracking Structure adaptable to every kind of panel frame design and fixing system



The innovative design  is so flexible that we are able to build almost anywhere with minimum grading. While linked row systems need to pay attention to both north- south and east-west slopes,  HF-120 offers complete freedom in east-west slope tolerance. 

Easily absorbs terrain abnormalities in the east-west direction

Can be installed on any slope in the east-west direction

Easily absorbs terrain abnormalities in the north-south direction

installation and O&M:

We have optimized every step of the procedure. There is no need for field work (drilling, cutting, welding, etc.) and no need for decisions during assembling, thus eliminating installation errors and the need for expert staff.