About Us

ARS SolarTech Pvt. Ltd.


we are one of the most sought Solar mounting solution provider in the rapidly growing solar energy space. We have achieved various milestones in very short duration of time of being an

excellent Solar mounting solution provider. In line with our commitment to provide high quality and easy to install mounting solutions we also give installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance support to our customers. We are rapidly making our mark in providing wide range of solar mounting structures to our customers as per their requirement. We value your business!


Longevity in the Industry

For Eight years ARS has been selling and installing solar, more than many of our competitors combined. Throughout the many innovations and changing expectations of the industry, we have adapted and thrived, continuing to provide quality service now and for years to come.

A Higher Standard of Quality

We test and retest our solar panels for performance in the real world, not artificial laboratory conditions


Customer focused Approach 

Our customer focused approach and high customer satisfaction index has been one of the building blocks for our success.

Tier One Products

Across the years we have noted which vendors produce the best products and chosen carefully which we will install, ensuring only the highest quality.