HelioFix seasonal Tilt structure is Tilt adjustable structure for RCC Roof and Ground Mount systems

Heliofix  seasonal tilt mounting structure addresses the need to exploit at its best the output of the solar project by maximizing the total annual incident irradiation on the panel’s surface. This is carried out with a seasonal change of the structural tilt, typically 2 or more times during the year, and it is possible through a very simple mechanism that allows one of the fastest and least expensive O&M in the industry. 



 The tilt angle is adjustable between 0° to 75°
•     One-row portrait module installation
•     Two-row potrait module installation


Modular Structure

Modular structure suitable for any system size

Suitable for roof as well as ground mount 

 Power generation is possibly increased by up to 8% depends on the project location.

Solar Tracker,
Solar Module Mounting Structure

Technical specification


  • Less than 90 seconds for the angle adjustment of one array of around 20 modules make it the most 
  • efficient and fastest in the work due to unique structure design
  • Modular design enables easy scalability.
  • Flexible module configuration to meet customers’demand. 
  • Tilt angle can be easily customized to satisfy the demand for different project location.
  • Built-in protection mechanism eliminates any risk of structure damage during angle adjustment.

Application : RCC Flat Roof / ground 

Ground Clearance : 500 to1000 mm

Inclination adjustment  : 5° / 10° / 15°/ 25°

Structure weight : 10-15 Kg / Panel

Table sizes - 3p, 4p, 5p, 6p in row

Wind load: 150 - 180 Km/hr


Files coming soon.