Opt-tilt structure  can be used on tin or sloped roof of North facing roofs to give additional tilt towards South. Modular structure suitable for any system size 


Trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal


 screwed onto base structure (purlins)

Module type:

Framed and frameless modules

Module orientation:


Layers of rails:

Single/double layer, cross rail installation


– Robust Support Through base structure (shed purlins )

– High wind and vibration resistance

– Low Fitting costs

– Every size of module array possible

– Height adjustable via elongated hole in the sheet

metal bracket

Robust Structure


Maximum Contact with Base Structure makes it Robust solution in high winds. Includes of only three no of Parts and fasteners.Marine grade lightweight aluminium

Max Yield from Additional Tilt


Gives additional south Tilt on North Facing Roof. Fats installation with minimum Tools required 

Best Alignment on Tin roof


Hazel free Installation Due to Modular design and Minimum no of components Alignment of modules will be maintained 



Base Rail Of Height 40/60 Mm

Base rail used to fix Supporting structure on Tin shed. it gives perfect alignment and strength to withstand high loads as it fixed directly on Base Purlins 

Rivets / Self drilling / adhesive

Supporting Foots

system consists of 3 no of major parts base rail, front leg and rear leg to give additional tilt required 

Mid / End Clamps Height 30/35/40/50 mm

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Aluminium Grade

marine grade Aluminium sheets are used to manufacture supporting Structure. high corrosive resistivity through its life 


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