Rapidfix is the simplest non-penetrating solar mounting solution for commercial flat rooftops. Rapidfix's innovative design is composed of only one major component, acting as a ballast tray windshield mount and multiple panel support. The system’s pre-attached roof mats save time on installation and provide maximum protection for the roof.

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Non Penetrating solution

Solar Module Mounting Structure, Solar EPC

  • Non-penetrating installation prevents leaks
  • Integrated rubber roof protection mats for hassle-free installation
  • ground clearance upto 150 mm

Minimal number of components


  • Minimum number of components 
  • Single point grounding per array due to UL 2703 Listing
  • Single tool installation
  • sustainable for high wind speeds 
  • wind deflctors 

Ballast Mounting System

solar ballast mounting structure

  • High-grade, corrosion-free aluminum components
  • Available cable Routing Solution 
  • 10-year standard product warranty


Technical specification

Inclinations: 5°, 10°, 12°, 15°, 20°
Distribution Load: 17.5/sqmm
Orientation Panel: Landscape, Portrait (5°)
Material: Aluminum,GPSP, stainless steel fasteners
Row Spacing: 400mm
Roof Type: All types of flat roofs

Roof Pitch: Up to 5° 

Building Height: Up to 60’/ 18.3m 

Wind Speed: Up to 180 Kmph  

Wind Testing: wind flow on Autodesk Flow design