Trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal


Riveted or screwed onto base structure (purlins)

Module type:

Framed and frameless modules

Module orientation:


Layers of rails:

Single/double layer, cross rail installation


– Robust Support Through base structure (shed purlins )

– High wind and vibration resistance

– Low Fitting costs

– Every size of module array possible

– Height adjustable via elongated hole in the sheet

metal bracket

Most Economical Solution


Material saving solar installation on trapezoidal sheet. Without continuous rails. MicroRail Height - 60mm / 80mm

Multiple installation Mechanisms


Canbe installed with Self-tapping screws / Rivets / Metal to metal adhesive  directly to the trapezoidal sheet.



Microrail Of Height 40/60/65/80 Mm

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Rivets / Self drilling / adhesive

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Mid Clamp HT - 10/35 mm

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End Clamps Height 30/35/40/50 mm

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